3 Myths About Sleep Apnea
When it comes to sleep apnea there are quite a few misconceptions out there mainly because most who have it are often unaware that they do. Sleep apnea can be a serious complication, and this is mainly because it involves brief moments where the person suffering from it stops breathing while they are sleeping. These brief moments can have long lasting effects on their overall health. However, the connection that most don’t make is the fact that sleep apnea can also be connected to their oral health. In order to better understand sleep apnea it’s highly important to understand the myths surrounding it.

Myth #1: Sleep Apnea Is Ultimately Harmless
Most believe that sleep apnea is ultimately harmless, and because one of the main symptoms you may have sleep apnea is chronic snoring, they write it off as more of a nuisance than a serious problem. However, if a person truly is suffering from sleep apnea that annoying snoring can actually be a major warning sign for a larger problem. In this case that issue would be related to the fact that they may be at a higher risk for developing sleep apnea if they haven’t already developed it by via their snoring.

Myth #2: Sleep Apnea Only Affects Obese Individuals
Although people who are obese have a higher likelihood of having sleep apnea, this disease can occur in anyone. Men and women of any race or age can develop the disease even if they are otherwise healthy. Although it is rare, sleep apnea can also occur in children, so pay attention to your child’s sleeping habits if you suspect he or she has the condition.

Myth #3: You Can Diagnose Yourself for Sleep Apnea
The only way to be 100 percent certain of your exact condition is to get tested in a sleep lab. Many people are concerned that they will be unable to fall asleep in one of these labs, but most people do not have an issue. A professional will be able to diagnose the exact severity of your case of sleep apnea and recommend the ideal treatment.

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