Pediatric Fun!Parents know that their child’s health is extremely important to ensure they grow up strong. They feed their children right, make sure they get exercise, and teach them proper hygiene. However, one often overlooked issue with children is their teeth. We recommend children come to the dentist as early as one year old, or whenever your child’s baby teeth begin to erupt. We call that visit their “Happy Visit” and encourage the parent to bring the child when coming in for the adult’s regular checkup.

Our main goal is to establish a strong, positive relationship with children. Let’s face it, many of us dread going to the dentist! Most adults don’t realize that those feelings are rooted in our childhood. At Steadman Family Dentistry, we try to create a positive and often fun experience for children so that they want to go to the dentist and want to take care of their teeth throughout their lives. Strong habits established in childhood, especially when it comes to oral health, are a solid basis for strong, healthy habits in adulthood. Beginning a relaxed and positive dental relationship at an early age will help ensure that your child has a long lasting habit of taking care of their teeth and gums.

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