We strive to help you keep your teeth for a lifetime, but when dentures are needed, we work with the best dental labs to construct well-fitting and attractive full and partial dentures that work! It is important that you are able to speak, eat and smile with confidence again. If dentures are needed, we frequently recommend dental implants to support your dentures or partial dentures. Implant supported dentures can give you a true second chance!
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Full Dentures

full denture one

Implant Supported Dentures

full denture two

Partial Dentures


One of our denture patients wrote us the following:

“I lost all my natural teeth due to severe gum disease in my early forties. Three sets of dentures later, and many thousand dollars spent, I was still not able to function normally. It affected every aspect of my life; my social life, smiling, my intimate life, eating, etc. I lost my confidence and in general thought my normal and happy life was over. I found Dr. Steadman through my daughter. I trusted Dr. Steadman fully and began the beginning of my life with dentures in a positive way. I cannot describe the feeling when he put my new denture in my mouth. Not only did I look normal and like my old self, I could talk normal, I could laugh without my denture landing in my lap, I could eat, kiss my new husband with confidence again, above all, start living again. Dr. Steadman has become my friend as well as my dentist, and I am sure my new dentures will keep me happy and smiling for the rest of my days. I would recommend Dr. Steadman and his son, Grant, to anyone who needs any dental services.”

– Ellie, Patient

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