Temperomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ) is a disorder that affects several people and can be linked to discomfort and jaw pain, difficulty with movement, and jaw clicking. The approximate occurrence of this condition is difficult to identify, but it may be more severe than many people realize. At Steadman Family Dentistry, dentists like Dr. Steadman will assist with diagnosing and treating your TMJ in Richmond, Virginia. Here are three signs that you might be suffering from this illness. 

  1. Trouble with Mouth Movement

Those with TMJ may have difficulty trying to open the mouth, particularly when opening it wide. Often, even in an open or closed position, the jaw may be stuck or locked. 

  1. Noise When Moving the Jaw

Hearing a clicking noise when you move your jaw is one of the tell-tale signs of this condition. Although the pain doesn’t always follow the noise, it can happen when your mouth opens and closes while talking, chewing, or at any other moment, you use your mouth. The noise may also sound like a vibration from teeth grating. 

  1. Pain

The pain associated with the jaw for TMJ is fairly normal, but you might also feel pain in your chest, back, and shoulders. Also common are aches in the teeth, back, feet, and head as well as ear ringing (tinnitus) and dizziness. 

Find Out If These Signs Mean You Have TMJ Today

If you have any of these signs, come in to see Dr. Steadman, they will help you get your diagnosis and recovery on the way. Call us at Steadman Family Dentistry to arrange your appointment with our dentists in Richmond, Virginia today.