Dental Implants vs. Dentures:
When it comes to tooth restoration there are a few different options. Two options that stand out above the rest are dental implants and dentures. Now the question remains which one is more beneficial for you dental implants or dentures. Given the fact that majority of Americans are suffering from missing teeth figuring out the best tooth restoration process would be great. Tooth loss is a huge issue because missing teeth do more than just create an aesthetically unpleasing smile. Once a tooth is missing the bone that once was supported by that tooth stops growing. Overtime this will result in bone loss and deterioration, and this then contributes to a facial deformity of the jaw. Meaning it’s important not to become complacent with the idea of tooth loss or settle for an unsatisfying smile due to missing teeth.

Are Dentures the Only Answer?
Dentures were once the original tooth restoration and solution to missing teeth. Although, dentures are great at assisting in maintaining your ability to do some oral functions, they do not solve the bone loss issue that occurs as a result of missing teeth. Also, some studies show that due to this bone loss the structure of the jaw is affected so much so that it causes a minor facial collapse. When this occurs, it becomes almost impossible for dentures to remain anchored in the patient’s mouth. To put it simply this means there isn’t enough jawbone to support the dentures causing dentures to slip out unpredictably.

Dental Implants and their Benefits
Dental Implants unlike dentures do not have the continuation of bone loss issue that dentures do. This is because dental implants are directly placed on the root of the tooth and also because the material, they are made of supports bone growth. Overtime new and healthy bone will develop and then the dental implants will eventually reverse the effect of bone deterioration and maintaining your facial structure.

Other benefits that dental implants provide over dentures: 

  • A similar aesthetic appearance to normal and healthy teeth
  • The ability to consume many foods without any restriction
  • If cared for well your dental implants can last up to 20 years

Schedule A Consultation
If you would like a full understanding of all the benefits of dental implants versus dentures then the best option would be to contact your dentist and schedule a consultation. Doing so will allow you to get a full understanding of how these two teeth restoration options differ and get all of your questions answered.