It was just too hard to commit to wearing those brightly colored braces during your teen years. And as an adult with a career and a family, it might seem even harder now for you to straighten your teeth with traditional metal braces. But it isn’t too late. Thanks to Invisalign® invisible aligners, you can straighten your teeth discreetly. Take a look at Invisalign’s biggest advantage over traditional braces, along with plenty of other perks that come along with wearing invisible aligners.

The Benefits of Straightening Your Teeth with Invisible Aligners

The biggest benefit of invisible aligners is that they’re hard to spot, because they’re clear. People will have a hard time spotting the invisible aligner trays on your teeth, though the sharpest of eyes may notice you wearing them.

Another major benefit of going with invisible aligners instead of traditional braces is that you can remove your aligner trays on the fly. So you can take them out before eating a meal that might stain your aligners, before you take a selfie, before you pose for wedding pictures, before that job interview or before anything else that makes you really self-conscious.

Things to Consider About Invisible Aligners

Though invisible aligners are hard to detect and easy to remove, there are a few things you can have to keep in mind:

They have work to do – though you can remove them anytime you want, you’ll still need to keep them in your mouth at least 22 hours out of every day in order for treatment to be successful

They need cleaning – you’ll have to clean them after eating or drinking anything other than pure water.

They take a little getting used too – than can distort your words at first, but most people learn to work around then in just a day or two.

Learn Even More About Invisible Aligners

Set up a time to talk with a local dentist to learn more about your options for getting Invisalign in Richmond, VA. Be sure to think of any questions you may have about Invisalign ahead of time so that you can ask them all at your consultation.