Sleep Apnea Patient

Sleep Apnea is a serious disorder and one of the major symptoms you have developed it if you find yourself experiencing chronic snoring. This form of sleep apnea is referred to as obstructive sleep apnea. Also, sleep apnea increases risks for a variety of other health issues as well. If it is left untreated then it can lead to a more serious danger. However, sleep apnea can be treated by a dental professional. Also, to understand sleep apnea better lets explore the risks that make you more susceptible to developing it.

Type 2 Diabetes
If you have type 2 diabetes then it is very possible you will also suffer from sleep apnea at some point in your lifetime. Also, it goes hand in hand because if you don’t sleep well your body is unable to make its own natural insulin which negatively contributes to your diabetes.

Weight Gain
If you are overweight then you are more likely to develop sleep apnea. The main reason being is that the extra weight can cause you to experience a block when you are breathing at night making it difficult for you to breathe easy at night making you feel lethargic when you’re awake.

Heart Disease
If you have sleep apnea and it is allowed to go untreated overtime it can lead to some issues with your heart and then develop into heart disease. When you have sleep apnea at some points during your sleep you experience brief moments of your breathing stopping which can cut off oxygen supply to your heart.

Schedule Your Consultation
If you feel as though you may have developed sleep apnea then it would be very beneficial if you reached out to our dental office in Richmond, VA to schedule your consultation. Our doctors, Dr. Robert B. Steadman and Dr. Grant Steadman, can examine you in order to determine if you in fact have sleep apnea and treat you for it to give you some form of relief.