When Invisalign® was first revealed more than 20 years ago, a lot of dental patients have wondered how they could possibly have their smiles realigned without brackets and wires. Now, Invisalign® is now one of the most trusted methods of orthodontic treatment used by Richmond, VA dentists.

Many people still have questions about whether Invisalign® the right option for their orthodontic needs. If you are stuck between Invisalign® and a different type of orthodontic solution, consider some facts about clear braces:


Invisalign® Offers Discreet Teeth Movement

Many consumers often are shocked to learn that some of their friends and colleagues currently wear Invisalign®! The clear, plastic aligners are created from thin, nearly invisible plastic. They are strong enough to consistently move teeth into a natural position, but practically see-through.

Both adults and teenagers appreciate being able to straighten their teeth without announcing to the world that they have braces.

Invisalign® Costs About the Same as Bracketed Braces

With Invisalign®, consumers can expect to pay around the same amount as they would for traditional metallic dental braces. The price of transparent aligners has regularly gone down thanks to newer technologies that have come out recently. If you have dental insurance that will pay for orthodontic care, you may have only a small copay.

Invisalign® Works Very Quickly in Most Cases

For people who want to move their teeth fast, Invisalign® might be the best choice for them! Clear aligners assert just the right amount of force on the teeth needed at the time, promoting speedy—but safe—movements in tooth positions. Users change out clear aligners approximately every two weeks, ensuring that tooth movement remains steady.

Invisalign® Promotes Good Dental Hygiene

A huge issue for many wearers of traditional metallic bracketed braces is the difficulty to keep teeth and gums free from cavity-causing plaque! Getting dental floss under wires tends to be very frustrating, and many wearers of traditional braces simply forgo flossing.

Invisalign® aligners are designed to be removed during meals, and not reinserted until the teeth and gums have been properly cleaned. Consequently, patients get the benefit of a cleaner, fresher mouth where decay is less likely to happen.


Getting a Consultation for Invisalign®

Are you interested in knowing all your choices when it comes to Invisalign® and other orthodontic treatments? Contact our office in Richmond, VA to schedule an appointment with our doctors, Dr. Robert B. Steadman and Dr. Grant Steadman, trained to fix crooked smiles, tooth crowding, tooth gaps, and bite misalignments using the Invisalign® method. By this time next year, your smile could be totally revitalized—and your confidence, too.