There is a joint in your jaw which functions as a sliding hinge, known as the temporomandibular joint. This connects the skull and jawbone too, and on both sides of the jaw there is a joint. It is known as TMJ when you have pain in this joint, or the muscles that control the jaw.

Why You Should Take TMJ Seriously

Arthritis, gum disease or jaw damage can be causing TMJ. While the actual cause of TMJ in most cases is hard to identify, treatment does more than alleviate the pain. Also, it can prevent other conditions and symptoms secondary to the problem.

Often the condition feels like jaw pain, but other symptoms that you don’t realize are related. These can include vertigo, dizziness, ear ringing, back and neck pain, finger numbness and tingling and chronic headaches.

The condition remains, for most people, a recurrent, annoying jaw pain with some related symptoms. In some cases, it can quickly develop into something more serious, and it can change or damage the jaw joint. Early treatment keeps your joints from further damage.

The pain you feel may, in rare cases, be something more serious than TMJ. Some cardiovascular problems can be associated with jaw pain and toothache, heart attacks and even cancer. Those conditions can not be diagnosed or treated quickly if you ignore the problem.

Jaw pain is not a normal thing, and you don’t have to live with that. Treatment is available, and is easy and drug-free in many cases. When you should be living life to the fullest, you should not have to live in constant pain.

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